Mac Compatible USB 3 Peripherals

Ultra-Fast Apple Compatible USB 3.0 Drives - Cables - Hubs

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Gadgets For Mac

The Apple USB 3 accessory market is finally taking off. Many Mac users are fully enjoying the benefits of SuperSpeed computer gadgets. There's a broad selection of external USB 3 hard drives, flash memory and SSD storage solutions that can really take advantage of USB 3.x SuperSpeed higher data bandwidth for faster Mac Time Machine backups and file transfers. Intel's Ivy-Bridge chipsets used in the more recent Apple MacBook laptops and desktop Macintosh systems are poised to deliver milions more USB 3 enabled Apple computers in the years ahead. Vastly improved 3rd-generation USB 3.X chipsets are now being manufactured and implemented on in a growing range of Mac compatible USB3 peripherals.

Types Of USB 3.0 Accessories For Mac

Of the various types of Apple computer peripherals connected via USB, faster data storage has been the primary beneficiary of USB3's higher speeds. Video and Audio environments are also areas where USB 3 performance is highly advantageous as well.

  1. HDD Mac Backup Drives
  2. SSD Mac Backup Drives
  3. Mac Flash Drives
  4. Mac Card Readers
  5. Mac Device Sharing Hubs
  6. Audio Hardware
  7. Video Devices

USB 3 Ports Are Backwards Compatible with USB 1.1 & 2.0 Speed Mac Peripherals

USB 3.0 Backward Compatibility
The USB 3.0 ports on recent Macs continue to work with your existing USB 2.0 and 1.1 Apple compatible computer accessories: Keyboards, mice, printers, backup hard drives, portable speakers, HD Video devices, Webcams and Digital Cameras - while bringing a new era of even faster high-speed USB3 accessory options to the Apple computer add-on market.

Apple Compatible USB 3 SuperSpeed Gadgets, Hubs, Devices and Adapters

Better. Faster. The new USB 3.x device specification has the same sized Type A cable connector as a USB 1.1 and 2.0 on your Macintosh computer. At first glance the 'A' cable looks identical, but inside there are additional pins that USB3 cables can detect to handle the higher 5Gbps signaling rates.

At the device end, new 'B' size plugs have become common, as well as a new Mini and Micro USB 3 plug standard for gizmos like digital cameras and other small form-factor handheld and portable devices.

How Fast Is 3.0 Universal Serial Bus Technology?

The first Universal Serial Bus specification brought an affordable easy-to-connect peripheral standard to the masses. USB 1.1 was 12MB per second, which is fine for relatively slow peripherals like keyboards, mice, drawing tablets, USB speakers and whatnot.

USB 2.0 - at potentially 480MB per second, was literally FOURTY TIMES FASTER - a huge leap forward. USB 2.0 was significant for far faster hard drive backups, flash-drive data transfers, high-resolution standalone scanners and All-In-Ones. USB 2.0 was also important for enabling high-resolution web cameras, real-time audio capture, video capture devices and TV tuners which demand more bandwidth.

USB 3.0 delivers EVEN MORE bandwidth with 4.8Gbps SuperSpeed rates - A TEN-FOLD leap over USB 2.0. USB3 also has refinements for lower CPU utilization, reduced device polling, and improved low-power and sleep management. Unlike it's predecessors, USB 3.0 finally supports more efficient BIDIRECTIONAL data transfers - a significant advance over USB2's one-way, uni-directional model.

Which Mac Computer Accessories Need 5Gbps Bandwidth?

USB 3 peripherals can potentially perform up to 10-times faster than USB 2.0. This extra bandwidth will allow a new generation of much-faster storage and backup devices, HD USB3 camcorders and webcams, High-Definiton USB 3.0 HDTV Tuners, as well as bandwidth hungry flash memory based Solid-State Disk Drive options. Solid-State backup drives in particular will demand and make fantastic use of version 3.0 Super-Speed advantages. Faster handheld device syncing of next generation USB3 enabled mobile gadgets, iPods or iPhones may benefit when new models adopt this new interface standard.